WIP My first 3D car. Audi R8 on 3DS Max


(Yannick Deharo) #1

Hi ! I began a car modelling project to add this to my skills. I havent a dedicated workflow but I want to learn, so, any comment is welcome !

Lately, I modelled a citybus but it was a very different exercise : I didn’t need to be very faithful to the model, documentation was rare on the Internet, and the shapes were simpler (fewer curves! ^^).

I chose to represent an Audi R8 V10 2016.

This is what my model looks like after 12 hours of modeling, (I applied a subdivision for this export)

(Cameron Mckenzie) #2

The frame looks really good! Best of luck during the rest of your modeling!

(Yannick Deharo) #3

Thank you @CameronMckenzie !

(Shaderbytes) #4

looks great , the common workflow is lower poly then subdiv so you have the correct workflow. Many people get into this and incorrectly think they must work in high poly from the start. I admit certain aspects of the model do only happen sometimes after the low poly with subdiv is completed, but that is left until the end then.

(Shaderbytes) #5

scene lighting , and materials on cars are something ive toyed with a lot on sketchfab. I recently made this quick demp to showcase a new feature in the code of my api utility , but thought I would show you so you have an example of a scene setup that works with any color body.


(ps clicking metallic works , but not to remove it , small bug so dont use it until you are done viewing all the colors as normal paint first )

Look forward to see where you go with your model , looks promising so far :wink:

(Yannick Deharo) #6

Hi @shaderbytes, I’m not sure to be really low poly while I’m working. The un-subdivided version is this one:

With less polygons it’s very difficult to me to built this. Do you think its already too much?

Your configurator is very cool! It could be amusing to make something like this on my car at the end! But I have a lot of work to do before considering that…

Thank you for your comment! :blush:

(Shaderbytes) #7

No That looks great , I was saying you are one the right path :wink: Car modeling is always a subdiv pipeline…
When you finished I can hook you up with this configurator , just need to switch to your model id , your main body must be one material and uv mapped ( uv mapping not required for regular color change but for metallic ) anyway finish the model and then I will send you a pic showing the uv scale im using for the metallic maps to look the same ( there are three different textures for metallic , (metalness, roughness , clearcoat roughness ) anyway keep at it we can chat again when you are finishing up your model.


(Yannick Deharo) #8

Just because I’m curious, why is it necessary to have UV for metallic ? Nothing to do with the PBR “metallic” setting which is independent from the UV coordinates ? Is it for the noise speck on the surface ? I’m not really sure I like this aspect or not for now :thinking:.
Could it be a little bit more complex shader - with an AO map on a second channel for exemple - where only the albedo color change?

So, I return to my modelling!


(Shaderbytes) #9

it is because the channel properties need to read texture data , there are three different textures contributing to the metallic look , not just metalness. I mentioned metalness, emit(I previously mentioned roughness by mistake sorry) , clearcoat roughness. So to achieve that metallic look takes three additional textures and some tweaking of the channel factors obviously, so it is already much more complex than you were thinking :wink:

So when using plain color

metalness - has no texture, factor is low
emission - has no texture , factor is 0
clearcoat roughness - has no texture , factor is low

when using metallic

metalness - has texture , factor is full
emission - has texture , factor is low
clearcoat roughness - has texture , factor is full

There are reasons I chose emit over regular roughness due to genral view distance and real time lighting. Ideally it would be in the roughness.

(Yannick Deharo) #10

Thanks for these details. And yes, I missed these part of you previous message. Shame on me ! ^^ !

I just order a 1/24 version of the car, that I could receive on Saturday if everything goes well. For 13,31€, it’s not a big investment and it will help me to understand better some shapes of the car. That is my first 3D car, so it can help ! ^^ I lost a lot of time in trying to understand the interface between the door and the rest of the bodywork ! I’m going to leave that aside and focus on other details in the meantime !

(Yannick Deharo) #11

Hi everyone !

I discover that it is very easy and fast to end up with a very clean result on geometric shapes when you start from splines. My topology is far better than the one I could have create from polygons and booleans, with more control and faster!
So, if some beginners are interested, I could make a tuto for this (Only with 3DS Max).

Edit : Here is the tuto !

(Shaderbytes) #12

Yeah make a tutorial , here is a video just to contrast that showing how to just use regular geometry and use a non destructible/editable pipeline using things like bevel weights and all modifiers. Took one and a half minutes :wink: The rest of the video still under 2 minutes just shows things like wireframe ,and also shows how because it is using bevel weights and modifiers how easy it is to change anything in the geometry and all things are recalculated accordingly.

(Yannick Deharo) #13

Hi @shaderbytes!
I didn’t even look on the Internet if existed a tutorial on this logotype ! ^^ I think that this video shows the basic use of instance objects. My approach goes a little further because I choose to assemble the rings. If this guy had chosen to boolean his rings, the transitions could have been very irregular. Personally I built the rings together (Two of them actually) as one unique shape to avoid merging them at the end. The edgeloops of the rings are generated to follow the banking of the intersections and perfectly conserve the round shape. And that wasn’t long to do either.

But yes, the question remains “is it important to assemble them ?” That can be important according to the use… For a 3D print for exemple that could be better. Also for zooming on and see soft transitions between the parts.

If I found the time, that will be a pleasure to share this ! ^^

(Shaderbytes) #14

i yes i see your wire frame now your object actually has joints. Yes this is important for things like 3d printing where a mesh is required to be water tight. When you get the time make your tutorial , the more info out there the better :wink:

Personally I have learnt not to be to anal about joining for objects that are only for display , I used to be - trust me, but over the years working on many mesh objects from around the world , many top assets for games and applications, I found the majority do not bother with proper boolean and joints etc. Hence my quick workflow video :wink:

chat soon

(Yannick Deharo) #15

You are absolutely right ! It’s quite useless to join these rings in this instance. I made it because I was thinking about this method while modelling my car. So it was an exercise to materialize my thought, to use the “how to” I imagined, but it could be useful as part of a workflow on another subject.

For exemple, I used this method on this VW Logo in the same time (to enhance the value of an old wheel rim mesh I did 6 years ago). And that allows me zooming a lot on the logo:

I invit you to compare with my old version of the logo :scream: :rofl::

(Shaderbytes) #16

very nice … make the tutorial already :wink: what 3D app do you use??

(Yannick Deharo) #17

Only 3DS Max.

(Shaderbytes) #18

ok well one for the 3dmax guys then :wink: i will still watch it for interests sake ( i dont have 3dmax )

(Yannick Deharo) #19

That is just a “logic trick”, I’m sure you can did the same with other tools ! ^^

Well ! I really want to wait my small size Audi R8 to continue, so I probably do it this afternoon…

(Yannick Deharo) #21

Hi @shaderbytes, here is my tuto. I can adjust it a little if the English writing is approximate, don’t be afraid to tell it !

I hope this is’nt useless ! :slight_smile: