WIP My first 3D car. Audi R8 on 3DS Max


(Yannick Deharo) #22

Hi !

I lost a little time on the part of the bodywork that receives the door. It’s difficult to find some references I need on the Internet, and I have to interpret (to invent, indeed…). Because I’m not a car designer, I bought a 1/24 reproduction and I will try to take photos of a real one in a Audi Store. I already contacted them and they assured me that they will call back when a R8 will be in their store.

For now, I worked on the frame of the rear window. My next goal is to model the rim.

(Yannick Deharo) #23

I worked on both the front and rear wheel which are not the same. It miss the wheel brakes, but I found it cool for the moment. what do you think of that?

(Shaderbytes) #24

nice! , i hope you are gonna bake down that tire detail into a normal map :wink: here is my Jurassic park jeep tire baked :slight_smile:

but yeah this is a realtime engine and every tire of every car i have done is baked and this is the norm across the field for real time display

(Yannick Deharo) #25

Totally ! In fact I “bended” the high poly mesh for this rendering only. At the end, I will bake the normals from a unrolled strip to have a better rendering and avoid the glitches due to the topology that we can notice for now.

Your wheel looks very flat to me. Especially for that kind of all terrain tire. but the mud is fine. mine will be easier to bake, more flat and cleaner ! ^^

(Shaderbytes) #26

here is my ferrari rim , it is not exact in every way because that would take too much poly to achieve , like the holes area close to the center. it is not flat on the real rim , but to avoid shading artifacts and hi poly the choice was made what and how to sacrifice certain accuracy;)

(Shaderbytes) #27

haha yup totally could have been better but since I did the entire care model and textures in two days please forgive me :wink:

(EDIT , it was a toy on a pinball table , so the user never got to view it up close anyway and fram afar you brain fills in the missing details it expects to be there based on what is there to lead to that delusion )

(Yannick Deharo) #28

I never saw that kind of rim, with a star wheel in the middle, very “steampunk” ^^.

I will bake my rim too, because to have this definition, I have a lot of tris ! ^^

(Shaderbytes) #29

I dont think you need to bake your rim … just the tire is enough . Rims are important on car models , even in realtime … a bad looking rim will spoil the model. My ferrari rim is 27k poly to give you an idea… of coarse it all depends on the complxity of the rim

(Yannick Deharo) #30

For my rim, I want to take off all the edgeloops set for smoothing. My “Low poly” version will be a version where the all edges define the true volume.

(Shaderbytes) #31

here is the jeep with the tire … the rims are simple in this model thaknfully so the total is 4.7k poly for a wheel and rim

(Yannick Deharo) #32

I have too much topology! It’s a complex rim ^^

(Shaderbytes) #33

yeah that is a very tricky aspect to optimize… just build it so that it can be subdived
then test out results and decide where you want to go.

I can show you some more examples , here is my tesla 3 rim ( 11k poly ) and tire :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #34

tesla-x 10.4k poly

(Yannick Deharo) #35

That is totally what I’ve done. And At the end I will simplify it for better performances ^^ :)!

You made a lot of rims ! Personaly, that rim was only my second one ^^. (Third one, if we consider the buses ones).

(Shaderbytes) #36

no worries , i think you are very talented , that is why i like to give you my 2 cents because i have specialized in real time modeling for a while, so im just encouraging you to push for both beauty and optimization at the same time

i have done quite a few cars already :wink:

there that was a complex rim as well :wink: ( that is a sketchfab screenshot )

(Shaderbytes) #37

to be fair I did have the actual entire model from porsche … it was super detailed … like manufacturing level detailed, probably exported from cad or something … anyway they needed it for realtime display. Decimation could not work on the outer visual stuff so I rebuilt that … the body windows rims tires etc… all the interior I just decimated the crap out of their existing model and took geo from there and just did a small bit of doctoring here and there to disguise the decimation artifacts as best I could. The problem here was this was one of 4 jobs and i had a tight deadline

(Shaderbytes) #38

so that rim and tire was 27k

ok now you have a good idea of the range of poly counts for complexities to think about with your rim and tire

(Yannick Deharo) #39

If only I could have a manufacturing level detailed 3D model. I think that the hard part is really to understood the volume from several photos whereas almost everyone shoot the car from the same angles :grimacing:. Constructing everything “in the air”. I can’t find photo from different details as the door articulation. Everything have to be easier with that kind of file, no ?

(Shaderbytes) #40

yup it is helpful , but ive done all my cars except this one from photos. My first ones were crappy and some i made propotional errors on … was al part of the learning process. After a while you train yourself to use the reference images and understand perspective distortion so you cant use them as say a stencil of a shape , you use it as a semi stencil and then have to eye ball the results and compare to see if you are getting it close to the real thing.

I collect as many reference images as possible even video etc…

(Shaderbytes) #41

i started on my laferrari body some more , here is an example of the actual poly density i model at ,and what the rendered results looks like on sketchfab. The i subdiv it twice to show the difference. The lowpoly shell so far is on 4k , the subdiv is ~58k

The doors and connections are never the same per car ive done 3 or 4 cars with doors that open , at some point without the proper resources you just have to settle with guess work

chat soon