WIP My first 3D car. Audi R8 on 3DS Max


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Hi @shaderbytes !

Thank you for your message. I have to learn to accept the “guess work”… Very difficult to me because I’m a perfectionist… Something more I have to work on !

For now, I try this “guess” work and “inaccuracy acceptance” on the brakes… I think it’s not the most important part… I consider to use the same brake for front and rear wheels, with another rotation. I know that is wrong, they are different, but I think It’s an acceptable inaccuracy… What do you think ? The shape isn’t very faithful with the origin ones, but does it be “credible” enough ?

(Shaderbytes) #43

looks great @YannickDeharo , maybe on the polish phase a bit of AO orcavity maps just for some depth :wink:

yeah I think in general CG artist lean more towards the “perfectionist” mentality , it just takes practice to let go of the notion in totality i mean , obviously you still strive for that in key visible areas but in less visible or important areas there is always room for inaccuracies. I read a whole paper once from a lead cg artist who worked at a top game company covering this very aspect about their workflow while creating something. They have such pressure that they quickly learn to take any short cut if they can :wink:

Man I have reworked the body of my recent project 3 times already haha , but that is just because i have a personal weakness with proportions , at least i am capable on inspecting a current build and noticing what needs to change… so far it has been everything over and over … but the outer shape of a object is a key element and something that you do need to be a perfectionist at :wink:

For interests sake in regards to color , did you know the human brain is more aware of differences in luminance that to diferences in hue. This is why image compressing methods do the majority of compression in the area of small hue differences and not luminance as much… good statistic to know as an artist.

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Hi @shaderbytes!

Thank you for your comment! I will work on the rendering at the end. Here you have a reflective material on everything just to help me to see the imperfections while modelling. I will retopologize a lot of thing at the end and so, create AO/Norm/Glossiness… maps with substance painter.

The fight against my “perfectionist side” has begun, but it is a long way to go. Sometimes, I have to be more perfectionist too… For exemple: I already understood that some details on the normal maps are cleaner when you draw it directly in 2D and not by baking high poly models. About this, I consider that I wasted a lot of time in modelling the “C” shapes on the disc… It’s difficult to have such clean result by modelling, but creating this in black and white to be converted on normals for the low poly model can be done in a minute… To be a perfectionist is also to select the most optimized method in terms of quality/production time. I’m happy with every improvement I make, but it makes me look back and blame myself for a lot of bad decisions. It’s an internal conflict ^^, it’s painful to grow :smile:

Personnaly, I am capable to see what needs to be changed, too… Maybe I could earn a lot of time by modelling faster, and inspecting after to fix things here and there. Because the slowness come when I try to be perfect from the very beginning. This childish willingness to do everything right the first time! “I have to grow up!”, it’s the main theme of this ticket. ^^

I already know that thing about the human perception. I often turn my creations in grey levels in order to have a fresh look on the contrasts in order to see if everything is okay during the final touches. And yes, the disc in my precedent screenshot isn’t perfectly readable behind the wheel rim for now.

Now let’s talk about my current situation: I put this project on hold for a while to learn VRay, because I think it’s something I have to know for an job interview very soon. And I will be far from my computer for the holiday season because my family live far away from my city. So I will get back on this in january.

See you soon!

And happy celebrations to you and all the readers! :christmas_tree::gift::socks:

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Enjoy your holidays away from the PC and with family :family_man_woman_boy:

Best wishes for learning vray and the job interview , if it is the right thing for you now in your life then i hope you get it.

We can pick up again in January yes. My car is also on the shelf as I have so many other things to do i work on each a bit at a time , im currently busy with learning about and building a mech ( loosely in the anime gundam style )

chat soon

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Hi !

I have another good/bad news. I got the job ! So, the next times will be very busy weeks because I’m moving to another town and I will have to get settled in… So the Audi will wait some time more. Sorry !
Happy new year to everyone of you !


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Congratulations , best wishes for your new adventure! enjoy it, totally understand , moving is quite a hectic thing as well as a new job so take all the time you need to settle in :wink:

chat soon