[WIP] Real World Heroes!


(Discoursive) #1

Tried to resist this contest to focus on homework instead but....nope!

Child's bedroom full of monsters, but fear not, Murphy the dog and 6-year old Polly will keep them at bay :smile:

Planned Monsters
- Under the bed Tentacle Monster
- Closet Zombies
- "Ring" monster girl in TV
- Vampire outside window
- Demon portal under the floorboards

02-08-2016 - First draft room layout and Murphy completed. Mom and monsters next, then extras, then colouring. Scene too large for MagicaVoxel lighting and render (damn), will likely need to bake in Maya / Blender.

(Discoursive) #2

Heroic Voxel Contest (2-08-2016) by discoursive on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

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(Ab Red) #4

what a cool concept dude!! and now im thinking about the boy standing on the bad avoiding monsters tentacles while holding some kind of wooden sword and wearing mask, maybe.. haha idk, but it will be badass :smile:

(Discoursive) #5

Thats exactly where I am going with this :smile:

(Nomadking) #6

Great concept, Looking forward to seeing the final result!

(Ab Red) #7

well that will remain me to an old school horror comic..
Goodluck mate :grin:

(Discoursive) #8

Some progress today. Added a few objects, converted the bed to a bunkbed, added the water pit and hell mouth. Also adjusted room sizing...

Still working on colours.

Day II (Yesterday)

Heroic Voxels (Day II) by discoursive on Sketchfab

Day III (Today!)

Voxel Heroes (Day III) by discoursive on Sketchfab

(Discoursive) #9

Day IV

Couple more tweaks left, but going to start playing in maya with the scene. Hopefully get the scene looking a little darker and more sinister...pray for me as I fumble through lighting :confused:

Heroic Voxels (Day IV) by discoursive on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #10

Looking good. The Ring character is awesome! :smile:

(Discoursive) #11

Hey @bartv,

Ive been working with lighting and emissions in Blender for this, but due to lighting restrictions with sketchfab I can't get get the scene to upload. Since the scene is dark it ruins the mood to upload the qubicle model only :confused:

Otherwise it's looking great!

Day VI

(Ab Red) #12

sweet! the lighting and the monsters is just like what i expected! except the main character is a girl, haha anyway good job :smile:

(Elbriga) #13

Wow, I just saw this scene going through all entries, I gotta say, amazing concept! that little girl is the cutest :smile: Have you tried baking the scene? I think it's crucial that it's lit properly, as it's a dense scene the eye needs to be guided :smile: I would also harmonize the color palette a notch :smile:

(Nomadking) #14

Great job on the lighting, really sells the concept well! :smile:

(Discoursive) #15

Any tips on the colour side of things? Colour is a challenge for me - not only do I have little experience, but I'm also colourblind! haha

(Bart) #16

Yes, for complex lighting you should definitely look in to 'baking' the light into your textures. The result will be much better than using our maximum of three realtime WebGL lights.

Here are two tutorials that will help:

(Elbriga) #17

I hope this will make sense dispite the colorblindess ^^
Basically you could break down colors into saturation, brightness and hue. You can see in your scene you have very different and over-saturated hues: the bright red hand monster, bright purple under the bed, green, yellow, blue... you should try to harmonize the colors either in hue or saturation, and keep just a few more saturated elements where you want the attention to be drawn ^^ I think the colored lights make the whole thing a little confusing, I like the shadeless version better :smile:
I hope that helps a little ^^

(Discoursive) #18

Thanks for the feedback. I was really forcing heavy lights with the default renderer in Blender. I am now learning about the Cycles renderer and attempting something a bit more natural. Hopefully it works out!