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[WIP] Rita Repulsa from 2017 Power Rangers movie


(Mistelko) #1

Hi everybody!
I wanted to learn more about painting and 3dCoat, so I am working on a low poly model of Rita Repulsa from the 2017 Power Rangers movie. If you haven't seen her, here it is some images i could find:

The model ended up with less than 3k. Model was made on 3ds Max and the uvs and painting on 3dCoat. I separated the uvs in 2 1024x1024 maps.

I first draw all the lines i could see on the pictures. It took me a long time, cause the costume is not symmetrical and i couldn't find an image of her leg from the left view

After that i separated the color areas in different layers

Tired from the linework i painted some shadows and highlights on her face. It's not finished, just the volumes, without lips and eyelids colors. This is in flat shade view with occlusion layer.

I did a quick test with normal and gloss layers to decide if i was going to use them or hand paint the lights. I didn't like it.

So i started painting the volumes with an overlay layer with white brush, as i saw here.
This is the first layer of white, to get the overall volume. I will add another one with the highlights.

I used stencils to add a little texture and some color variations.

First layer of light:

Second layer of light:

First layer of highlights:

Second layer of highlights:

Added some texture on the cloth part of the costume (darker parts):

And some shadow/lights:

Texture to the rope:

And lights to the rope:

Costume is ok for now, it's time for some light/shadows on the skin:
without light:

with lights:

I liked the boots, i was really happy with what i could accomplish :slight_smile:
(remember it's 2 textures of 1024...)

The diffuse textures:

That's all for now. The next ones are nails, hair and face. Please, please give me your opinions and suggestions, i'm doing it to learn. Thanks!

(Mistelko) #2

So here's the final texture for the face:

I'm not so happy with the hair and nails.. maybe i will work on it a little more...

And here's the final texture, for now at least:

I'm going to rig it and pose and than upload to Sketchfab. Please give me your critics and comments!

(Mistelko) #3

That's the final piece: