[WIP] robot butlers!

(Rdmdanimation) #1

some models I been working on from sometime

robot butlers inspired by the look of the classic 50's sci fi robots

(Ndrakey) #2

The 2D illustration has so much character! Nice Work!

(Nomadking) #3

These are great - they have a lot of character to them! I bet they'd make a great comedy duo :wink:

(Rdmdanimation) #4

I still dont know very well how I can make the glass in sketchfab,I would have to give them a separate material and them use a transparency map?

because one of the character will be holding a bottle and I was thinking of using a map for the label,so I will have to create the transpaency map and the texture map for the label,but wich of the transparency methods I have to use?

(Rdmdanimation) #5

after much delay I finished the robot butlers, however I may try to improve the texture work so probaby it will get updated

(Nomadking) #6

Even if they aren't perfect, I think these guys look great :slight_smile:

The texturing does seem a little muddy (most noticeably on the body) and could do with being a bit higher resolution. Even if your going for a hand painted look, don't afraid to let generated maps give you a start point - A simple AO bake multiplied onto a flat colour can be a great start point.

Of course I say this without knowing your texturing workflow, so just ignore me if I'm way off :wink:

(Rdmdanimation) #7

I did used oclussion on the texture but lowered the opacity since I thought it looked too dark

another thing is that I wanted to give a yellowish glow to the eyes but couldnt achieve it,was thinking on making another thread to ask about it if posible

(theStoff) #8

Looks great! These guys have tonnes of character. I am feeling the texture could be refined a bit more. I think what makes me get this impression is that some areas look much crisper than others. For instance the texture on the towel feels more refined than the rust. There's an area on the back of the skinny robot where the rust appears to come from nowhere. Painting in some seams in the metal might help with that. I also think the occlusion could stand to be a little stronger but maybe use it to add a little saturation as apposed to pure darkening.