WIP Sci-fi VR Scene - Space hydroponic farm

Hello folks !

I wanted to make an animated science-fiction scene in virtual reality, and I finally had the idea to create a space hydroponic farm run by a clever species.

I have the idea but no real guideline. Only a drawing I’ve made few months ago is my starting point :

It’s also possible that my ideas change during the creation process.

I’ll post regular work in progress in this topic to show the state of advancement, so don’t hesitate to give me your feedback during the creation.

I begin to introduce a first WIP of a generic female alien head :

Hi, your work is so imspiring! I mean, I’m far from an expert here or someone with profound knowledge of 3D technology, but what you do and how you tell others about your steps, that motivates! At least me, and thanks for that. Good luck, looking forward to seing your progress :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mgordeeva250! ^^)

Second work in progress :

I’ve finished the overall silhouette, I’ll now work her clothes of scientific.

Well, her clothes are done.

Now, I’ll make the low poly model.

I’ve almost finished the low poly model. Here a first test :


Some little things to settle, and I have to model the teeth and the inside the mouth. After that I’ll work on the texturing.

I’ve finished to make the low poly model and its textures, here the result :

I’m pretty satisfied of the result for now, I’ll start to think about the scene. And to start, the plants and their supporting.