WIP - Steampunk Aircraft

Hi to all =)

I’m posting my first work here. I am working on Steampunk style vehicle-aircraft with Blender
I will try to add some textures with Substance Painter, also, I hope I could add more details regarding your comments,

Here is my work;

I will glad to hear your harsh or positive comments about my works :upside_down_face:

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Hi @yoonoo! It’s a great start! :slight_smile:

My first question is what kind of style are you wanting to go with here? Would you like to push more realistic, or stylized?

Either way that you go, here’s a couple of things I would keep in mind:

  1. How clean is it? If it’s meant to exist in a real world, then breaking up the colors on the model will go a long way towards making it feel real and lived in. That’s true for your base color, roughness, normal, and anything else!

Of course, you could go the opposite direction and have everything be very simple color swatches with hardly any detail. Both are valid, but knowing which one you want will make choices about that easier to decide.

  1. I’m having a hard time telling if you are trying to make this low-poly or not. Most of the normals are set to face, so my first guess was low-poly, but now I’m not so sure. If you aren’t going low-poly, I would definitely recommend smoothing out your normals, as it will make a huge difference for your model.

I hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :slight_smile:

Dear @cwasden ,Thanks a lot for your useful and constructive comments,

You pointed out the undetermined points in my project, I started to design the aircraft experimentally but only regarding and inspiring some elements which are used in some vehicles. I didn’t make these decisions at the beginning of the project. That’s the reason you have lots of questions about style or existence or low-high poly built and I totally agree with your questions and start to think about the answers.

I decided to evaluate my project with both styles in a different terms. Both projects should be exist in a real world. Stylized version should be low-poly and materials will be prepared in the substance (I already working on Substance to improve myself) I could decimate the polygon numbers at the end. Realistic version should be more detailed and with smooth faces also I imagine some environment object to import my models into it and present it as a scene,

Your Criticism was very helpful, Thanks again, I hope I could finalize my projects asap and I could hear more criticism =)