[WIP]Study of streamlined shape hard surface

(Asaito) #1


AIR RACER WIP by asaito on Sketchfab

Try the CFD(computational fluid dynamics) simulation in Houdini.

It is also ultra low accuracy calculation , I understood somehow the place where airflow is peeled off.

Directly under the nose of the canopy overhang to the propeller shaft, there is no good.

(Bart) #2

Wow brilliant! Will you be publishing the air simulation too? We have an experimental 'stop frame animation' feature that would allow you to upload multiple frames and play them back.

(Asaito) #3

'stop frame animation'!
It's so wonderful.
Is it can be read in a format such as ALEMBIC?
But it is maybe difficult now because my Houdini skills is low.

(Bart) #4

No Alembic (yet). Here's more information:

(Nomadking) #5

Great to see how much airflow has been a consideration in your design, just as it would be in real life. It makes for a very believable end result;)

(Asaito) #6

Thank you for information.
I'll try to challenge it.

(Asaito) #7

Thank you!
Even in fictional vehicle of design, it is important to think about the aerodynamics.