(WIP) T-34-85 Soviet Medium Tank


(The Timeburner) #1


Im currently learning to model with turbosmooth, by modeling this Soviet tank!
Let me know what you think and what you may suggest.

(Johnson Martin) #2

Looking great! You should start a thread in the WIP forum area.

(The Timeburner) #3

Sadly,I may not be able to upload the finished model of this,since there's a limit to the file size.

(The Timeburner) #4

Here are some renders...

(The Timeburner) #5

Here are some WIP renders. I really take time to model,for I am lazy.

(Dark Minaz) #6

looks nice, love the amount of details you put into it, especially since nothing is just a texture or something :smile:
good job so far man

(The Timeburner) #7

Thank you. And since I really cant do textures,I tend to compensate by improving my modelling skill :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #8

had the same thought with my final fantasy blade .. i could texture it .. or .. LETS MODEL IT ALL :smiley:
sometimes it's more fun that way.
Looking forward to the finished version of this, most of it won't even need a texture :smile:

(The Timeburner) #9

Some more updates.

Tell me what you think and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Dark Minaz) #10

wireframe would be nice, but the details look great, not sure if it's a bit to high on a few places though.
not a huge fan of the tank design in itself but i really like how you keep the all the details of it.
based on the pictues i saw you changed a few parts to make them look better than the original.

the (thingy that opens .. hatch i think thats the english word) behind the canon looks like it won't really open but the rest looks pretty neat and seems functional.
a basic uv (some sort of automap) and some ao on it and this would look good even without a texture on sketchfab
just set the settings right for metallic and it would turn out pretty nice i think.

(The Timeburner) #11

What do you mean by behind the cannon,there are two hatches on the turret,so which is it?

Also,I cant upload this on sketchfab. It's currently on 3+ million polygons and 180 MB. Im not a pro :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #12

no on the solid part, not on the turret.

uhh 3million? that is rather high, i guess you could export it without the modifiers, but i guess it wouldn't look that smooth then.

(The Timeburner) #13

It is high :stuck_out_tongue:

That's by design,the turret will be rotated when doing the maintenance.

Here is the wireframe of the track. Im not really sure if it's good enough,but it seems a little dirty.Atleast there is no N gons.

(Dark Minaz) #14

yeah way to high on some parts, you could save quite a lot on those places.
if you like you can have a look at my final fantasy sword, especially the middle part, to see where you don't have to be so dense. (not stating my model is perfect but it should give you some indications where you did smooth it to much for the result you want.

for small corners you can get away with 3-4 lines without seeing a difference. but you seem to be doing better than before, a lot of it looks pretty good planed :smile:
nice to see another detail fan keeping at it and improving.

if that is by design, okay, just seemed like a "hey that won't open" sort of thing

well looking forward to the finished version.

(The Timeburner) #15

Yeah,I will eventually lower the subdivisions for some parts when the whole model is done.
Im quite impressed by my work as well. I didnt knew that I will be able to do this kind of work when I started learning.

I wont be able to upload it here,even with lower subdivision levels. But,I will post some renders! :smile:

(The Timeburner) #16

Guys! I have a problem. How do I fix this?

(The Timeburner) #17

I tried the pathdeform(wsm) to no avail. There are still creases and imperfections on the tracks. How do I fix that?

Without the other pair of track and wheels.

(Dark Minaz) #18

hmm i tend to use my maya script, fix 1 part, and then just copy it along a path.
Feels like you have some sort of deformer, rather than just copy pasting them along a path in the end.
Especially for tracks id use that method, not sure how to do that in 3dsmax though.

edit: and id start just using edges where you need them. you are way to high in some areas. Not sure what kind of super pc you got to even handle all that :smiley:

(The Timeburner) #19

I didnt quite understand what you said. Can you please elaborate?

As you can see on the screenshot. It's running on 3 fps. It's lagging. A lot! :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #20

Finish one part, until you are happy with it
then you create a lines (works that way in maya, you might have to look tutorials for 3ds for how to do it there) and copy the parts along the line

according to my super intensive 30sec research it's called spacing tool in 3ds