[WIP] The Day The Earth Shook


(Sardacxis) #1

My concept for the contest is inspired briefly by aspects of Star Wars. Our fellow hero (Joe) is on his daily routine of serving the greatest burgers in the quadrant. When he/she recieves a call for an urgent burger. He decends towards the planets surface and then things begin to happen. Not so sure for now. Below is a render I did in Keyshot

and below is the current model on Sketchfab

[WIP] The Day the Earth Shook by Sardacxis on Sketchfab

Crit is welcome. I am very new to all this voxelling. But thats cool

Today I restructured the environment more and extended the vision of the main camera. The model is very big, still trying to figure out how to reduce poly or vertices. I duplicate the one side to make a valley of sorts so that I could contain water or something.
this is an update of the model

[WIP] MOUNTAINS IS ALIVE 2 by Sardacxis on Sketchfab

Below are some iteration render in Keyshot. Dont know how else to generate water effects

(Rickprokosch) #2

I really like the concept with half the model underwater. Nice idea.

(Elbriga) #3

This is an awesome concept! I would personaly rework the terrain a little, I think you should try to make it a little more minimalistic, and not try to go for an hyper detailed terrain, witch a huge polycount and quite confusing for the eye...
@y2bcrazy is really good at this, have you checked out some of his work?

This is just a suggestion though, I'd love to see where you'll go with this :smile:

(Sardacxis) #4

Hi thanks for the nice comments. I am busy reworking it to be less detailed and less polys. Plus this has also helped the story of the piece. I have been following your tutorials they have been SUPER amazing.

(Sardacxis) #5

Here is the next iteration of this model. I have tried to reduce to amount of 128 cubic blocks
I just need to work on some values in blender. I think the texture is set with too much emissions.

[WIP] The Day the Earth Shook by Sardacxis on Sketchfab