[WIP] The minotaur

(Kyan0s) #1

Hello folks !

I always wanted to make a greek mythological character so I have finally decided to do a little diorama featuring the minotaur in a corridor of the labyrinth. I will base myself on one of my lineart that I realized some time ago.

Here the reference drawing :

In this thread I'll post my work in progress, that I'll realized with Blender, on that creature half-human half-bull, and on the set of the labyrinth.

Don't hesitate to criticize my work in order to help me to improve myself.


(Kyan0s) #2

So here the firsts WIP


(Sensationalgames) #3

wow! good luck! do you want to do the fur of the minotaur?

(Kyan0s) #4

Thanks @sensationalgames ! ^^)

Yep I want to do the fur but I must to think how to do it in real time. For the moment I think I'll partially draw them on the texture of the creature and add some wicks made with planes like I already done for the hair of one of my character :

Pilot by Kyan0s on Sketchfab

However I will not necessarily replicate the version of my drawing identically :smile:


(Kyan0s) #5

Second WIP of my minotaur :

(Bart) #6

Check out the fur and hair on this model if you need some inspiration.

Viking - Next-gen Game Character by Ray Le on Sketchfab

We also have this tutorial:



(Sensationalgames) #7

nice, fur and hairs are really difficult!!

(Kyan0s) #8

@bartv I saw that awesome model, the hair and the beard are incredible ! Thank you for the tutorial, that's exactly what I needed. it will greatly help me ^^)

@sensationalgames Thanks ! Yep, I always have trouble with hair and fur ><' but it's a good challenge ! :smile:

(Kyan0s) #9

Third WIP of the minotaur :

Now I'm going to rig it, and refine the model.


(Kyan0s) #10

The rigging of my minotaur is over, and I have worked on his pose.

Now, I'll focus on the scenery of the labyrinth.


(Kyan0s) #11

I have made a quick test of the scenery. I freely inspired me of the knossos temple like in my lineart. I Think it's pretty good. Here the result :

I have also begun to work the texture of the minotaur. I have worked with Krita.

I'll now refine the texture and work on the fur wicks.


(Kyan0s) #12

I have finished my minotaur and I have done some tests with the fur wicks and I think I have found a good result :

Minotaur by Kyan0s on Sketchfab

(The model will be removed when the final version will be uploaded)


(Sensationalgames) #13

nice!! I love it!

(Dark Minaz) #14

your workspeed is just something else, feels like i just checked the drawing yesterday ^^
Id kinda like some chains on him, or rather broken chains from the time they put him in the lab, to break it off a bit.
But the fur starts to look great, maybe even add more, since he still looks more like a hairy dude than a "BEAST", or maybe ive just seen to many fat hairy dudes xD

looking forward to your final version, hopefully with some sweat fx, some heavy breathing and a death stare into your soul :smiley:

you might also want to add some small pottery or benches to show how big this fella is, this way it kinda looks like the temple is just not that big.

(Kyan0s) #15

Thanks @sensationalgames :smile:

Thank you @dark_minaz ^^) , but I'll be slower with the following of my project, because of I'm less comfortable with the sceneries. ><

In more, I did not have a specific idea of its definitive appearance until now, I have only decide on how will be my labyrinth lol, moreover, here a new picture of what it will look like :

Good idea for the chains, I think I'll make chains and a big ring in the center of the atrium, and the minotaur will just come to break its chains pouncing toward the "camera". And like you suggest it I'll make pottery like stamnos for example ^^).


(Dark Minaz) #16

is that the scene from 300? ^^ at around 1min into the movie (.. somehow i did watch that movie way to often)

yeah i did mean pots like this

idk why i can't see minotaurs or anything "greek mythology" without disney's hercules ^^

(Kyan0s) #17

Lol Yep I imagined a pottery like this ^^)

I have begun to make the textures of my scenery. Here the result :


(Vailys) #18

Nice work :smile:

(Sensationalgames) #19

WOW.... :open_mouth:

(Kyan0s) #20

I have almost finished the textures of my maze, and I have worked the chains of the creature.