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[WIP] The Rat - Low poly character

(Gmiezis) #1

Hey guys!
This is my first post in this great forum. I've been working on this character model and wanted to share some work in progress pictures. This is going to be a low poly model of a rat-like creature. Here's the porgress so far. Som basic modeling and direction is already done.

(Antoine Bassin) #2

Ahah, what a charismatic creature! I love the style :sunglasses:

(Gmiezis) #3

Hey antoinebassin! Thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:

Here's some progress. Took the model back into zbrush to add some detail to clothes and his body:

(Paulchambers3d) #4

Very cool. What was your inspiration?

(Gmiezis) #5

Hey Paul! Inspiration for this one came from Bobby Chiu and wonderfully talented people at imaginism studious! I love the juxtaposition of horror and cuteness oposite one another in their pieces. I hope I can achieve the same dreadfully cute results in my piece.

(Gmiezis) #6

Pushing it forward! I've started to retopo the character:

(Gmiezis) #7

I'm done with the retopology and uv layout. Taking this thing into xnormal and baking maps now. We'll see how my ancient pc manages that.

(Gmiezis) #8

I separated the mesh into pieces for a cleaner bake. After xnormal i took it into 3d coat to fix baking errors and give the normal map some aditional details that i felt were missing in the initial bake. It''s safe to say that 3d coat is a great tool! Those additional details that would be a pain to bake or sculpt, really make the model come alive.

(Gmiezis) #9

Here's more progress!
Now - textures! And trying to get the hair looking nice. Haven't done anything with hair - ever, so it's not there quite yet...

(Gmiezis) #10

And here's a more or less finished model in the sketchfab viewer:


I love the initial camera view zoom in, he turns around with that face! Really wonderful detail, great work.