[WIP] The Tavern


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Hello, for this contest I want to make a tavern with modular assets (floors, walls, stairs). And maybe some characters.
A see a lot of exteriors for this contest, so I want to propose to the Mozilla Community interior assets to increase theirs possibilities.
Te first idea I had to document this entry was to used Skyrim, I made a taverns tour. I don't know if this is historically right but for sure this is fantasy. :slight_smile:

And more more historical images :

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Organization of the final scene :

Majority of imagse come from ARK wiki and aren't representative of final assets.


Oh this is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see more of the WIPs!

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nice idea!
sheesh i wish i'd thought of it :slight_smile:

ps: check the spelling of "Tavern"

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3 modular assets :
- window
- wall
- door

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@seori I'm worried about some details... I see some other people make very beautiful work in low-poly but this not exactly the same style of the example (detailed object , important deformation) shapes seem to be their own style, they have only the color in common. I try to be close of the original but apply a bit of my style but not to much because the Mozilla's community need to use different objects from different authors. So what is the "degree of creative freedom" ?

An other question (more technical) why use texture ? Can I use only material color ?

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You can use only materials for sure, as for creative freedom.. well, now that's a question we all ask haha, personally I am taking my project from here and making it a playable level where I will have more freedom after the contest.. I think the wall fits so far

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Modular floor

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I contently continue to learn about architecture :

(sorry for none french speaker)

A Wiki (go to the home of the site and select your language)

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sorry i didn't see this earlier -- I think your WIPs are on point. It's hard to replicate someone else's style, especially when it's so different from yours so as long as color and poly count are in the same ball park, you'll probably be okay.

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Structure is finished

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Looks Awesome!

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References for fireplace

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I try to make some characters