WIP - The Wizard's Observatory

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Hello, this sounds great fun, I am not a low poly modeller, rather a sculptor, so for me this is out of my scope, I want to join you guys, and will be modelling a Wizard's Observatory - is this medieval fantasy enough :slight_smile: good luck to everyone!

(Marcin Kobus) #2

Pity. I was doing scene like this for some time. Now I gonna need to invent something different :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck.

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It's a challenge, or contest :smile: we might have two completely different visions :slight_smile:

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here is a blockout of my main tower

any suggestions?

(Ld Skibz) #5

Maybe less but larger blocks on the upper white section.

Looking good man! I really like the detail on the telescope.

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thanks for advice.. reduced and mixed the bricks, and I think it reads better now..

(Bart) #7

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum.

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Awesome! Thanks!! :grinning:

(Twitte King) #9

Exterminate!!!!!! where is the last timelord!!

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Have been playing with some overall blockout of the whole environment

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Water wheel

(Roguenoodle) #12

Looking really nice! Love the walkway around the island. What are your plans for making that modular?

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this is a bit adjusted island, gives more light, still very early wip

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..well, the boxes will be middle ages houses snapped together, the city centre in the description isn't very modular, I think they are whole buildings, I wasn't planning to make them as modular walls, but that's something worth re-thinking as I'm gonna start modelling them soon;
though rocks, and small props to populate the scene, like lamps, signs, foliage.. surely can be reused everywhere else in the project.. (something to still be done)
also the steps that will replace current placeholder walkway also will be made of modular wood blocks.. etc
stay tuned, I'll be posting individual pieces

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Little update on connecting terrace, and a little wizard, each of the wooden beams is the same wood piece with the same UVs resized to fit

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Testing first assets in UE4

(Redmdlee) #17

If you don't mind me asking how do you take videos in UE4???? :smiley:

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haha, normally you'd record with matinee, I only grabbed a short gif with 'gifcam'

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blocking out continues, already 28K tris :scream:

and I try and optimise along the way as much as possible

also, each building/set has separate UV maps, eg. tower, house, cape island etc. not sure if that's a good approach but that's how I do it

any feedback welcome !!

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not sure why it doesnt work, that meant to be a plan shot