WIP theme: Gang (finished)

(Mageaster) #1

Autumn... Time for contests. Love it!
I'll think about content little later.
I'll try to make a bandit squad and maybe their den.

(Mageaster) #2

I know, this doesn't look like a bandit. I'll try to make it more menacingly.

(Mageaster) #3

Finally I've got the time to continue a work. I've got two questions:

  1. Is this style suitable for contest?

  2. Do I need to place a character on the ground when upload as an asset?

Summon @bartv

(Bart) #4

Yes, the style is ok. I might go for a slightly more angular look.

Please place the models on height 0 yes, it'll make it easier for other people to re-use them :slight_smile:

(Mageaster) #5

Thanks for your reply. I meant is it ok if I place some kind of surface under feet? Will other people be able to remove it if needed?

(Bart) #6

Better not, just the 'pure' asset.

(Mageaster) #7

This one is ready. Going to the next.

(Mageaster) #8

Next char.

(Mageaster) #9

(Mageaster) #10

Second is ready.

(Mageaster) #11

What gang without archer?


Looking good!

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Mageaster) #13

Thank you!

(Mageaster) #14

Ale is the bandit's best friend. I think so.

(Mageaster) #15

What could be better than roasted meat on the fresh air?

(Mageaster) #16

Yet another character.

(Mageaster) #17

Purpose of gang's existence.

(Mageaster) #18

Scene is almost done.

(Mageaster) #19

(Mageaster) #20

Finally the scene is ready.