WIP This is my character

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Hello all!

TechnoOrganic PandaHead by distance880 on Sketchfab

Okay so this is my character. I want to fully develop it. I also want to share it with people. I believe you can download it, textures and all, because I uploaded it with substance painter. (Am I wrong about this???)

This is one of a few projects I am developing. I am a hobby artist, and I am doing this for fun. This character is a criminal from the future. He is inspired in style by anime's like Akira, Battle Angel, Gits, ect. He has tribal face paint, which is a trait of his criminal gang. His body will be largely robotic, with many modifications, and prosthetic parts. In his world, 3d printing causes many social changes. His body has been damaged many times, and he has had new skin printed on his body, many times.

Most of my projects are designed to be shared. I do things like create materials, experiment with shaders, and try to come up with new ways to produce interesting geometry. I also am interested in taking requests. Most of my interests are game design oriented, but Really I just want to find out what is possible, and go from there.