WIP: Tinkerers Cabin

Latest work in progress titled Tinkerers Cabin.

Concept is a small cabin located in the woods where a yet to be created engineer character will go to about his mechanical ways of creating robots and lazor weapons :slight_smile: .

Anyway any advice on how I should proceed with my textures ( they are no way near finished) or any ideas for a nice engineer type character to sit on the chair would be helpful.

Well there are some basic Types that you could do.

  1. the “mad” scientist look (back to the future)
  2. the slightly strong build guy (tf heavy)
  3. tony stark (or like the nature type mixed in)
    or someone that is a partial cyborg

I think you should add some more light, but textures, well it depends a bit on your timesetting, do you want a cabin that is used rarely or one that is used every day. Depending on the setting you might want to add some rust/dust etc.

While the objects are cool so far (love the robot) , but id add some more human things in, like a coke can, some tools, maybe some clothes on the floor.

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I agree, I’m thinking mad scientist with some engineering goggles, similar style to ones you might see on WoW: http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/420120.jpg

Also I definitely will get round to adding some grittiness to the scene as I want it to seem quite dirty and worn down and I really like your idea of human like objects I will try adding more, I have a few untextured tools and a note pads which I think will compliment the scene nicely.

Hi @anthmurphy nice work :slight_smile:

I think it would also make the scene more as a whole if you introduce the scientist’s trademark so to speak in his work. So that there would be no mistake that all of this work comes from the same guy or group. I like the robot as well, you could make more inventions in the style of the robot to achieve a consistent look. this could be done by using lights, paterns, shapes and so on. You get the idea :wink:

some ideas for additional assets could be a idea wall where the scientist pins down all his future inventions (blueprints) and of course the failed inventions bucket/box with all the parts sticking out.

Great work so far and looking forward how this will turn out.

In looking at the logs in the log cabin, they would not be going in opposite, directions at the same level, but each one between two 90 degrees from it, and likewise the log cut where a window would be, with the same attention to how it would be done as you have shown for the stuff you are focusing on inside the room. Likewise the stuffing between the logs is…? and what would be that material? The really great attention to detail in one area (the robot is great and the stuff on the table etc) can just call attention to a lack of it in another if not all brought along together.

I really like the blue print idea, I actually have some un-textured pieces of paper i was planning on drawing rough schematics for the robot and the weapon on, aswell as the note pad that is on the desk.

hmm yeah I wasn’t too sure how to handle the logs on the cabin what I’ve got so far does seem a little messy, I was using this as a reference: https://sketchfab.com/models/1cc1bbca617047979f3f2ddb7aef37f9 , Here it has some what looks like scrap wood filling the parts in-between the logs, ill try and see if I can achieve the same look.

UPDATE: Added a lot of new Junk to the scene like soda cans, water bottles etc, think they compliment the scene well.

Going to start working on detailing the textures more now