[WIP] Underground Base

(John Wright) #1

It was recommended to me that I use this forum to display my progress on my WIP models.
The current model I’m working on is a full 3D scene/environment of an entire underground base where my character lives, and dose his research, as such it is equipped day to day necessities including the list below
• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Kitchen
• Pantry
• Greenhouse
• Laboratory
• Gym
• Library
• Meeting room
• Armory
The model itself is displayed here- https://sketchfab.com/models/e02e717121aa4b119df87f33be0dbadd
I model using 3D studio Max, and now due to the face that I do not have pro I am unable to upload the full model given that I have now filled the library the file size I’ve over 200MB and I can’t upload above 50MB, so I will post renders and screen shots of the projects over all progress as I go, any advice on the model would be appreciated, I have been using max for 4 years now but I still don’t know everything.

1st render


Ok after I've re thought the full design of the base i realize that it's not exactly space friendly, so I've taken to re designing the entire base in Photoshop coming up with a new layout, its set on a 40 meter square area and I've plotted the Photoshop document to match it, here's the new layout I've got planned

from my point of view its now much more space efficient, i have made some drastic changes and even added a few things there is now a Rec. Room and Vault, with the bedroom being a completely separate room instead of joining up with the kitchen and dining area.

i will begin work shortly on the remodeling, i will post the new model separate from the first

New base project by John_Wright on Sketchfab

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #2

And all of this for 18 people!!!. For me if this is not another Umbrella Hive so its too BIG you wasting space, no efficiency in planning in this model I see :wink:. Really you need so big library? its bigger that library in my town .

and the furniture ? tell me why the library shelf are so deep,.... I know to fill this big space :stuck_out_tongue: .

(John Wright) #3

ok that was a bit on the mean side but everyone has their own opinion, and not once did i say it was for 18 people, its for one person you don't know the complete context so please don't judge unless you know all the facts and the purpose of the base. its meant to be a live in research and training facility for one man, the library would be full of his research materials and hand written notes and result data.

while i agree the total size maybe a bit excessive for its purpose i will more than likely scale it down and adjust it later as the process goes

(Dark Minaz) #4

I would let some scrolls and books lie around, looks really clean stored
also might remove a few books here and there that it looks more like an actual research place.

But it looks like a nice start so far, a bit of context would be nice to see if you might want to change the layout or anything. Since you have a room with quite a lot of chairs yet it's for 1 person?

Is it like a evil mastermind? or what is the plan there?
Depending on the context i would add a generator room or a fancy bedroom with spa elements.

also how many polys do you use on each object? since 200mb sounds like quite a lot.

(John Wright) #5

yea i might just do that

i originally planned the base as part of a fiction i was writing, it was a research base that was abandoned by its original owner when he had to escape his pursuers and it was discovered by the main character in my story and he turned it into a sanctuary of sort for himself to work and live in peace, so he adapted it to his needs.

its time frame would be set roughly the same as the anime Naruto, is the roughest i could say, advanced enough for research labs but not so advanced for computers

it all depends on the object and how much detail i want to go into, the model was only 30MB when i last uploaded but when i filled the library the poly count went into the high millions

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #6

@dark_minaz; Yes 18 chairs thank you,but i'm the malignant one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

@john_wright, I know one think making something underground is 10x harder than on surface so efficiency in planing is on the first place, don't forget you have to pump oxygen to all rooms !! If i assume that this is for one person :scream: .
Now i simply comment and share my knowledge and in facility like this library always use this type of shelf, simply less free space more books.

(John Wright) #7

Ok yes i admit 18 chairs would make you think that, but given that there's only one Bed i thought would be obvious, My bad =(

Ok, i'll have to set up some ventilation shafts in each room for that purpose, while that may be an efficient library space efficiency wise at least, given the era im modeling this scene for, it wouldn't match up

that would be roughly the time era it would be and what I'm trying to model around

(John Wright) #8

New base project by John_Wright on Sketchfab

(John Wright) #9

vent system completed

(John Wright) #10

ok I just uploaded the newer model, i decided to turn the rec room into a target range, and i've added furniture to the bedroom and the bathroom along with the internal wall for the garden to separate the food plants from the more toxic variety, also adding the internal safe walls separating the meeting room and hallway, safe door complete with hinges and internal safe shelves