WIP - underwater shenanigans!


(Paulnicholls) #1

Hi all, this is going to be my first time using voxel artwork :smile:

I'm going to try and make an underwater scene with a kraken monster with a hero doing some quest.
I haven't started creating anything yet though, just saying hi :smile:


(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

Some more useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Paulnicholls) #3

Here is some work I've done with my possible hero character (Poseidon)

Heroic voxels 2016 - Fall of Atlantis
Heroic voxels 2016 - Fall of Atlantis
(Paulnicholls) #4

I have done some more work for the contest...here is a merman sorcerer who felt he was badly done by due to some action of Poseidon. In revenge he is summoning a magical portal to allow some evil creatures to invade Atlantis and destroy it!

EDIT: I have uploaded my WIP now to Scetchfab...

(Elbriga) #5

that portal looks really good!!!

(Paulnicholls) #6

Thanks elbriga :smile:
I managed to create a Java .vox exporter and created the portal + lightning using some code. The rest was hand created using Magicavoxel.

(Elbriga) #7

really? that's cool! What program did you use?

(Paulnicholls) #8

I used the Eclipse IDE and created some Java code to load in the voxel scene I had already created and place the portal & lightning voxel bits into it. I then saved the scene as a new .vox file which I then imported into Magicavoxel ready for exporting and loading into Sketchfab :smile: