[WIP] VitSh. Octopus island, castle and the rest


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Love this! Keep up the good work!

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Few characters for scene with werewolf

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The cart Insulator With broken door. The beast is out!

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He's cursed.
His family wanders from village to village showing outlandish performances. But they leave the wildest performance in secret.
It overtakes them at full moon. Like this night.
The curse overwhelms him.
But this night the cage is failed and beast is out!!

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horses by VitSh on Sketchfab

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Well, the Medieval can't be without torture

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Updated scene:

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Updated model of a dragon. Now it is with a texture:

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Setted a pose for the dragon

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Animated Griffin

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super awesome!

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@bartv, I have a problem with uploading blend-file with animation. My animation uploaded with blend-file on sketchfab plays way too fast.
I had to export to FBX.
Can you help me with this?

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@waleguene any ideas? Could this be a different FPS setting in Blender?