[WIP] VitSh. Octopus island, castle and the rest


(Vit Sh) #42

Here is the file:

(Bart) #43

Your FPS is super high, can you try changing it?

(Vit Sh) #44


(Vit Sh) #45

As I can understand, I drag the video reference to sequence editor, and blender automatically change FPS to this weird value
1512 / 50.410 = 29.994
And sketchfab reading only FPS value (1512)

(Vit Sh) #46

I have fun :smile:

(Vit Sh) #48

(Vit Sh) #49

And now wizard is a live

(Benji Todd Artist) #50

Very cool man! Love the bear animation.

(Vit Sh) #51

@bartv, I want to remove annotations from scene, but now there is no trash can icons

(Vit Sh) #52

(Vit Sh) #53

Most of my approaches in one messy scene:

(Vit Sh) #54

@bartv, sorry for bothering you.
Is I understand, it is a bug and it may be fixed in monday

(Vit Sh) #55

(Vit Sh) #56

Finished my "Mega Scene"
Till now I did a few small scenes with funny stories. Now I tried to combine as many models as I can to one scene

(Vit Sh) #57

Combined all the assets used in my Mega Scene to collection

Mega Scene by VitSh on Sketchfab

(Bart) #58

Your scene looks fantastic!

(Vit Sh) #59

I printed my bear :slight_smile: