[WIP] Water Dragon


(Sensationalgames) #1

Hi guys, I'm starting to create a new 3d model for our videogame: a Water Dragon.

This is the first draft!

(Shaderbytes) #2

Awesome mockup , looking forward to see the progress to 3D.

(Sensationalgames) #3

Work in progress ^^

(Dark Minaz) #4

he looks a bit angry, but i am interested in how you will finish this dragon/snake.
As a fan of anything dragon (wyrm,dragonsnake,europe dragons etc) i am looking forward to how it will turn out.

If it is for a game, did you already fixate on a set poly level?

(Nomadking) #5

Nice sketch and a good start, the head has a nice silouette to it.

(Sensationalgames) #6

@shaderbytes and @nomadking thanks!!!

@dark_minaz yes, it's for our videogame, so it must be lowpoly.

The dragon head is pratically finished...I'm not so convinced about topology :confused:
What do you think?

[WIP] Water Dragon by Sensational Games on Sketchfab

(Sensationalgames) #7

Work in progress v2 :smiley:

(Shaderbytes) #8

All coming together nicely :wink: I like the jagged line of the mouth.

(Davidfbarruz) #9

I love that head.
Keep it up mate!

(Nomadking) #10

You may want to add some more geometry to the inside on the mouth if you intend to have it even slightly open, and possibly a bit more 'bulk' to his upper body before it tapers off into the long tail.

But I like it, and It's going well though :wink:

(Chaitanyak) #11

i like this concept.. very few artists work with this variation of dragon.
Keep up the good work!

some feedback from me.. in serpentine creatures its best to maintain a clean sinewave like curvature.. in your model the sudden straightness of the neck is a bit awkward.

I agree with @nomadking the upper body might look better with a little bulk and taper.. since the arms and shoulders are going to be there its concievable that such a area would have extra musculature or may even house vital organs etc..

(Sensationalgames) #12

Thanks everybody for feedback! :smiley:

@davidfbarruz and @shaderbytes thanks I love the result
@nomadking yes, now I'm adding some parts into the mouth and I must fix body
@chaitanyak thanks for feedback!! I'm now fixing all and adding more musculature!!

New update soon :wink:

(Sensationalgames) #13

finally I've finished another update :smiley:

@nomadking and @chaitanyak what do you think?

Water Dragon by Sensational Games on Sketchfab

(Sensationalgames) #14

new Update! I've rigged the dragon :smiley:

there are 92 bones.

Tomorrow I will start with UV mapping and texturing! Some comments about it?

(Shaderbytes) #15

I personally think you are aiming too low. Even for mobile , its 2016 already so most phones you are catering for, even the old ones, are very capable of processing many vertices. Also you should consider the use of LOD can also bring huge optimization to any scene and so you really want to create a much better "master" version of the model.

This logic applies to anything , rendering videos , audio and cg models .. always make it as high res/quality as possible , this is then the master version of the asset. It is always easy to down sample from a master to any required compression .. but obviously you cant up sample to a "higher" quality than before.

Hope that helps.

EDIT ( This was mentioned in regard to poly count )

(Nomadking) #16

I agree with what @shaderbytes says - but only because I tend to aim too low with low poly stuff as well! My Turtle Island piece is a prime example of this. I think the budget was 50k verts... I used 5k and had a lot of clunky things I wanted to fix later down the line. :sweat:

Even if you don't go much bigger with the polys, you could still get away with a few more to smooth over some of the rougher parts (back of his shoulders is very angular), and to add more detail to the model overall - his back feels a little plain, perhaps a small fin section would help. Possibly even on the back of his upper arms.

I do love the fin shapes you used to end the tail :wink:

(Chaitanyak) #17

wow, am really loving this now.

the smaller fins are great, the tail fin is not matching.. i think because it does'nt have enough of those spines in it.. but then you can add those in texturing as well..

so now just go back to some biomimicry.. look at the fin placements on real life sea dragons.. :smile: sea horses ..
they tend to have these double fins somewhere midway down the body.. that they use for locomotion.. also catfish and other fish have them.. it may add a little more definition to your overall form..

another alternative would be to add web under his arm.. like in his armpit...

if your already into the texturing phase then forget it..
it already looks epic :smile:

(Bart) #18

Wow I just learned something unexpected. Very cool @chaitanyak!

(Sensationalgames) #19

@shaderbytes and @nomadking thanks for feedback!
I know that it's lowpoly, But I really want to use less than 3K vertices...
and now I'm not thinking to create an highpoly model...it's a model for a pc game, not cinematic or other :wink:

@chaitanyak I love your feedbacks!! Yes, I'm thinking to add many spine on tail and other parts and....I love your idea!!! :heart_eyes: In the next update you will surely see them!

Before UVMapping the dragon I must update topology of shoulders and arms, I don't like them :confused:
I'm not really good with topology, can someone suggest me? thanks :smiley:

(Sensationalgames) #20

New update: I had just done Rig, so I've decided to don't modify model, I've only add parts under armpit :confused:

I've updated rig, this is the final result:

Today, I've done UVMapping:

And now...Substance Painter, I'm arriving!! @chaitanyak do you have some ideas for Texture? :smiley: