[WIP] Waterfront and Port

(ThreeForm) #1

I'm looking at making some tile-able sections of waterfront with appropriate set-back sections. These can be varied to generate complete harbor scenes. So far I've planned the following sections:

Exposed waterfront:
-Rural Dock
-Port (Marina)
-Seawall (stone)
-Rocky beach (transition between beach and cliff)
-Outcrop (cliff with beach on either side)

Set back from Waterfront:
-Waterfront town features (cargo, rigging, storage buildings, lighthouse)
-Road (paved)
-Road (unpaved)
-Path (dirt)
Fortifications (optional - may be redundant with other "castle" content)
-Ramparts (Stone)
-Parapets (Stone)
-Tower (Stone)
-Palisades (Timber)

I can think of a lot of props objects to populate such a scene, but we'll see what time allows (asset list already looks ambitious). I will note what other users create to avoid repetition, and initially focus on landscape/architecture. I do have some nice textures for this, but the reference material is all face colors with vertex lighting and no texture, so I will try to avoid too much reliance on texture.