WIP Weapons! (mostly finished)

(Verticles) #1

Hello! I just started on here, and was recommended by Bart (thank you Bart!) to come here and post my WIP sutff. I haven't really been 3D modeling/texturing very long (maybe like 2 and half years now), but I learned a lot in my last industry job, and would love to share! Feedback is appreciated, and questions, if any, will be happily answered!

Weapons by Verticles on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Awesome, thanks for staring this thread! What do you use for modeling and texturing?

ps: I've fixed the embed for you :wink:

(Verticles) #3

Thanks again! I use Blender for basically all of my modeling both high and low, and for UV mapping. I use it sometimes for AO bakes too for my texturing process. I use primarily Photoshop for texturing, and I use ZBrush to help make my high poly models more detailed for my low poly bakes. I've been trying to get into Substance Painter, so I'm working on another model that I'm going to try and texture it with :smile:

(Bart) #4

Nice! I've heard that Substance Painter will be getting a better integration with Blender, I think that's a very promising development.

What's the next step in your project?

(Verticles) #5

Hard to know at this point lol. Probably would be to make the texture more interesting by actually having an albedo with variations. Then I'll probably release it for download on an asset store for free or something.

For now, I'm working on another model that I'm very excited to put on this website :smile:

(Nickbierenbroodspot) #6

Really interesting, and you totally rock that M1 Garand. Also I would recommend using substance painter. Its 130$ for a 1 time payment and than you own the software complete. It can defiantly help with baking and other texture jobs :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #7

@verticles you could just set it as download option here

Quite like the colt, reminds me quite a lot on all the western shooter guns :smiley:
the grip could use a bit love and the left part of the round thing (behind the bullets) seems a bit more off than the right, not sure if that was planed
on the other hand, i love that you can go down the hole with only 1 tiny thing in the way, quite like it when someone takes the time to make sure that it would work