[WIP] Witcher fanart Diorama


(Darthkedar) #1

It's first time I'm making entry for contest.
So, it;s gonna be, as title says, a witcher fan art :wink:.
Firt wip...

[WIP] WITCHER FANART VOXEL Contest by darthkedar on Sketchfab

(Ab Red) #2

cool, why don't you texture it on the voxel software you use bro?

(Elbriga) #3

Nice start! Are you going for a whole town? :smile: this could be great, looking forward to see it evolve :smile:

(Darthkedar) #4

It's just first WIP :wink: I'll texture it, and make rest soon

(Ab Red) #5

im sure it will be great :smiley: cant wait to see Geralt on your scene :smile:
it's The Witcher game fanart am i right?

(Darthkedar) #6

More like entire The witcher world. Not only game fanart, but more books by Andrzej Sapkowski

(Ab Red) #7

ooookkkkeeyy.. i love the game, but im not sure if i read that books already :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but i guess it will be great as long as there still a beast fighting action, or beast slaying :smile:

(Bart) #8

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

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(Darthkedar) #9

New wip
Add some new stuff around on diorama, a mountain, litte lights :wink:

[WIP] WITCHER FANART VOXEL Contest by darthkedar on Sketchfab

(Dune Holy) #10

Can't wait to see more :wink:

(Darthkedar) #11

Geralt by darthkedar on Sketchfab

Here is WIP of Geralt :wink:

(Elbriga) #12

Nice! Will you have time to finish until tonight? :smile: good luck!