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WIP Woolly Rhino Bone Scans


(Lordtrilobite) #1

So I have over 80 woolly rhino bones in my fossil collection. With the intent of one day mounting it as a complete skeleton. In the mean time. I'm in the process of individually scanning all the bones. So far I've only scanned a number of separate bones. But once I have scanned all the bones from the front legs for example. I will also create a number of compositions. Putting all the bones together so it's possible to see how all the bones fit together. When I'm done, this should be a mostly complete reference guide on what the woolly rhino skeleton looks like.

Here are a few of the bones I've scanned so far. All of the bones are real except for the skull, which is a scan of a cast. The bones come from the North Sea.

Woolly Rhino Skull by Olof Moleman on Sketchfab

Woolly Rhino 3rd Cervical Vertebra by Olof Moleman on Sketchfab

Woolly Rhino Scapula by Olof Moleman on Sketchfab

Woolly Rhino Metacarpal 3rd by Olof Moleman on Sketchfab

For more bones, check my collection. Where I will be posting more bones as I scan them.

Fossil Scans: Mammals by Olof Moleman on Sketchfab

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That's great! What a great use of our collection feature!

(Lordtrilobite) #3

I guess, originally it was just a folder. I wish there was a good way to organise models within collections. Right now all models are just ordered to which was added to the collection last. There's no way to put the models in alphabethical order or any other type of order.

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(Lordtrilobite) #5

It has been quite a while since I posted here in this thread...

I've added a few more scans of my Woolly Rhino bones. There's still a lot of work to be done, but every little bit helps.

Here is a scan of a partial sacrum.

And I've also composited a number of scans of the hand bones to show how the bones fit together. Note that these bones do not belong to the same individual. A number of bones are also still missing here. So I will be updating this model as I scan more bones for it.
Composite of the left hand.