WIP WWII "Crimson Skies" style Twin Engine Bomber

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Here's a fantasy alternate WWII era twin engine bomber I've started. The design is not as outrageous as Crimson Skies aircraft, and is loosely based off an HE-111. I just finished a base normal map on the engines, and plan to start on the wings next. I used Blender for modeling and laying out UVs, as well as generating a base high poly model, then I bring the high poly .obj into ZBrush, DynaMesh it, then I sculpt details into the model. After that, the model is exported, and brought into xNormals for normal and ambient occlusion bakes onto the lower poly model. If you guys have any questions/comments, let me know!! Also, I don't think my BB Codes are working, so moderators please feel free to fix. I don't know how to get them to work :frowning:

WIP - HF-226B by Verticles on Sketchfab

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Just paste the url in a single line, with nothing writen at the left or right, and the model will be shown.
Nice plane, btw.

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I've moved your post to the 'WIP' forum :smile:

Great start, I feel that you've invested more time in the engines than in the rest of the plane? They're quite detailed!

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For now the engines are the most detailed because I started with their textures first...and admittedly I like engines lol. I do plan to add more geometry to the fusilage, wings, cockpit, etc. It's just a matter of figuring out as I go. I'm going off what's in my head, rather than any specific concept art.