Wireframe is ruined after uploading

Hi. I applied Skin modifier to some parts of my model and animated it using bones. Then expoted to FBX format and uploaded it to skechfab. Then I noticed that wireframe was changed after uplading. I checked FBX file by imorting it back to 3DS max, and wireframe was ok. So the problem is not in exporting. How can I avoid it? I attached Screenshots and FBX file. Thank you.

test.FBX.zip (1.6 MB)

Right. I have downloaded your model and tested few things. Indeed it looks alright on (Toolbag) but on Sketchfab its messed up.
The only way I managed to upload it with bones and animation without messing up was:

  1. Removed Skin modification and bones (though I don’t think I had to remove bones)
  2. Reset the XForm on the mesh
  3. Reapplied the skin to mesh
  4. Added few bones and re-assigned the skin on the mesh. Made some random animation
  5. Re-uploaded to Sketchfab
    It seems to work now

P.S. I will keep the mesh as a price :smiley:

This was related to our vertex compression during processing. It’s a long standing issue in some rare cases, and we’re still investigating how to improve it.