Wireframe triangulates months after upload!


(Eethok) #1

Hi! Having an issue where all of my models wireframes have changed from the neat wireframes they had months ago upon upload to a mess of triangles. Uploading files also causes this to happen. I’m uploading my files as .fbx but I’m just finding it bizarre how they’ve all of a sudden changed after sitting on my account for months without me touching them.


Hmm, they look like a combination of tris and quads to me. Could you send me a screenshot?

(Eethok) #3

as a comparison the first image is the original wireframe from the .fbx file and the bottom is how it’s not displaying in sketchfab


I just opened the original FBX file in FBX Review, Blender, Rhino, and Maya - the wireframe looks exactly the same as Sketchfab, quads on the wine bottles and coins, tris everywhere else.

Can you try re-importing the FBX into your software to check the result?