Wireframes missing from inspector?

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I have made a forum post about this issue 2 days ago, but it seems that it hasn’t been taken into notice yet.

It has been 2 days since I tried uploading on sketchfab, and I have no idea at all why the wireframes only display on specific areas of the model. Furthermore, her shape keys are utterly messed up in certain times when the eyebrows move

(i have confirmed it over and over, even checked my blend file shapekeys but there is no sign of visible errors, the normals are all in working order)

If possible, would a mod please respond to this and look into the file so that I can identify the problem and just get this over with and move on with life

This is how she looks in blender when she pouts:

Here are the problematic models for issue replication; (scrub to around 2:20 for the pouting animation)

Multiple problems with uploading to sketchfab (rigibodies / shapekeys / missing wireframe?)
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Here is a test of all her shapekeys, which work just fine. (pardon the nudity, forgotten to click that object to upload)

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Hi @deuschanz

Your model has issues that are a mix between real issues and unsupported features.

  • A wireframe issue has been introduced in previous release, and will be fixed in the incoming one.
    The model will need to be reprocessed, we will take care of this.

  • Blender modifiers are not all supported. Mesh deform applied to clothes are not supported since there is no direct way to translate their effect into our animation model.

  • I’m not clear with how Blender bakes rigid body cache, but if it’s something different from keyframe/morph animation (which is probably the case), it will not show on Sketchfab.

  • Multi-skeleton are not supported on Sketchfab. It includes meshes being deformed by more than one skeleton, or skeletong sharing bones. The consequence is that meshes are not skinned, or skinned incorrectly since skinning data is lost.

  • For the mouth, it’s still not clear what’s the cause. We are still investigating.

I’ll keep you in touch, sorry for the inconvenience,
(Also: we don’t do such support during the weekend, that’s why you only have feedbacks now. We try our best :slight_smile: )

Multiple problems with uploading to sketchfab (rigibodies / shapekeys / missing wireframe?)
(Deuschanz) #4

Hi, so this is not my first time uploading things to sketchfab, and I’ve just about finished my next piece to display on sketchfab. (I use the sketchfab uploader inside blender)

She is a character with multiple armatures, 1 deformer and cloth physics.

I have done multiple test uploads to sketchfab, however each time I do the results are different.

The first noticeable issue is that blender deformers dont seem to work, and they remain static when uploaded;2018-10-20_20-18-10
Here is how she looks inside blender;

The second issue is that I cant seem to view her all her wireframes when uploaded to sketchfab, only these areas were noticeable:

The third issue I have is her rigibody physics. I’m not sure how I did it the first time where I uploaded my Schwi Dola model with all her hair physics and stuff, but this time round, I have baked all of the rigibody cache, but it still does not show any form of physics movement in the viewer.

Lastly, several of her shape keys are completely messed up, here is the original;
and here is what is displayed on sketchfab :
I have tried uploading multiple versions, and each time there are weird “stray” verts that go to weird directions (as seen in the gifs)

I have searched everywhere for solutions, but I can’t seem to find the fixes for it. Is there something i’m doing wrong? What is the proper way to “bake” animations for sketchfab? I don’t know anymore.

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See the answers in the other post: Wireframes missing from inspector?


I’ve merged the two posts together

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I need some clarification, does Blender’s cloth physics work on sketchfab (even if baked? ) ?

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Hi @deuschanz,

I’m not an expert with Blender but according to this documentation page, physics are baked into a file, so it will not work on Sketchfab.

Sketchfab will only support actions with transform or blendshape weight keyframes. Everything else will be skipped as there anything Sketchfab side to support such data.