WMR Samsung Odyssey+ strange camera alignment and poor controls

I tried to check my models using my Samsng Odyssey + with Firefox/SteamVR, Supermedium but result was the same: cameras aligned in incorrect way and my eyes hurt even today :slight_smile: I tried to turn it upside down (so left eye become right) - the same awful feeling.
Even if I start Supermedium itself from steam VR I see the same effect so I suppose it is somehow connected with WebVR.

And controls on sketchfabVR are broken - only thing I can do is scale scene, can’t move or rotate. Teleport in left hand works, but it’s useless if I can’t rotate.

But more serious is the first problem - less than a minute on sketchfabVR yesterday and my eyes seriously hurt today. And absolutely no problems in VR games, WMR portal, etc. Maybe you can help.

I’ve tried to set render resolution to 100% (in stemaVR), but result is the same.

Thanks in advance!

Seriously, no feedback more than mounth? I’ve spend my free time on learning unity and steamvr and after two weeks I’ve finally developed a game-like app with my own models, so I don’t need your support anymore. But this ignorance surprised me - so many people with WMR headsets and you just ignore them. That’s a shame.