Wood texture using Substance Painter


(Nefarius) #1

Hello all! i am new in Substance Painter and now i am working on my first model that i am planning to texture using only Substance PAinter (for self-educational reasons :slight_smile: ).
Now i have a hi-poly model of crossbow without surface details like some relief or small damaged areas - only smooth geometry with rounded edges.
I need some advice how to organize my workflow in texturing wooden part of crossbow. Its haft is massive piece of wood and i can't find any complete tutorials how to create wooden texture that will go smoothly across haft without any seams. I have enough skill to draw wood pattern by hand and use a lot of masks to create finish texture but maybe there is some easier way?
I will be very glad to see any advices about how to do that. Link to detailed tutorial will be great.
Thanks in advance!!!