Wordpress - embedding models, password not working

When embedding a password protected model on a site built using Wordpress, entering the password (on any browser) appears not to work. Nothing happens. If I deliberately enter the password incorrectly, then ‘Wrong Password’ is displayed. If the password is removed, then the model displays fine. I have been using Chrome as this appears to be most compatible with Sketchfab embeds.

Hi there !

Thanks for reporting. I believe this is due to restrictions placed on the iframe by the tool that generates its markup. The password protection feature relies on cookies to work properly, and when the iframe is sandboxed in a way that prevents setting cookies, the behaviour you describe might appear.

Could you provide a link to a page demonstrating the issue, if that is possible ? As well as the possible plugins / method that you use to generate the embed markup. That would let us confirm this theory and advise a solution.




Thanks for your reply. I have since discovered that it is not only Wordpress sites, I am having issues with the password protection feature irrespective of the site build method - html, wordpress…
I will PM you details of an example. Thanks