Wordpress Sketchfab plugin : prevent transparency by default

(Jeremielouvetz) #1


Erwan and I were wondering if it is possible to change the transparency background of the wordpress Sketchfab plugin. If
you go to Erwan's website (http://www.davisseau.com) and click on the little knight, you will see that the background will disappear to show the website background. Same for me, if you go to my website (http://www.jeremielouvetz.com) and click on the Neapolitan Fisherboy, you will see that the background will disappear to show the white website background.

Is it possible to change it? Is it a theme problem ? In the Sketchfab viewer default settings, the "Transparent" box is not tick.


Erwan & Jérémie


Hi guys,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention (again). We've figured out what's happening and will try to make a quick fix for it.

In the near future, however, we can hopefully replace this plugin with a better, oEmbed version...

As a temporary solution, you could place the image you want as a background behind the iframe?

(Jeancharlesvarlet) #3

Autostart seems to be activated by default and can't be desactivated...

Also, backgrounds don't work but environment work !


@jeancharlesvarlet - yep, there's an issue with the plugin's form data vs the URL query strings. Unfortunately I'm not good with PHP... cc @bartv

(Jeancharlesvarlet) #5

Ok so actually autostart can be desactivated using this parameters:
[sketchfab id="4112db2adafc4d3e9d75e40102e69384" start="0" spin="" controls="0"]


@jeancharlesvarlet does it work with transparent="0" ?

(Electrocactus) #7

I just had the same problem as @jeancharlesvarlet
An YES, it works, if you add: transparent="0" to your code. Thanks!

(Jeremielouvetz) #8

@james @electrocactus I confirm, it works with adding "transparent="0" in the code. Thanks all for resolving this display problem.