[Work in progress]Batman

(Hong Zhihao) #1

Decided to dedicate my weekend to a new piece. Will continue to update this thread over the weekend and until complete.
Time to gather some references!

(Hong Zhihao) #2

Head mesh. This stage just trying to get the form. gonna further optimize the topology at a later stage.

(Dark Minaz) #3

my stormtrooper batman is looking forward to one of his kind :smiley:
Are you going to go realistic or more the comic look?

(Hong Zhihao) #4


(Hong Zhihao) #5

Another update. Body. once again, just trying to get the forms. Topology and optimization to come later.

(Hong Zhihao) #6

Another update. Added a bit more detail. Have to fix the the hip/waist area.

(Hong Zhihao) #7

Finished up the base model, rigged it up, and posed. UV and texture next.

(Hong Zhihao) #8

Small update, buildings.

(Hong Zhihao) #9

Texture for base color. Going for the cel-shaded look

(Hong Zhihao) #10

Rigged and animated the cape. Here's an animated gif on how it looks. Still undecided if I want to include animation in the final though.

Also, a little bit of shameless promotion of my facebook page :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #11

looks great so far, love the comic book artstyle
does you cloak have 2 sides or how did you manage to give it 2 colors?

(Nomadking) #12

Looks great so far, really matches the reference well :wink:

(Hong Zhihao) #13

@dark_minaz 2 sides of mesh
@nomadking thanks :smile:

Just a 3ds Max render. I think I'm done with this. Uploading to sketchfab in a bit

Scene from Batman The Animated Series (Fan art)
(Hong Zhihao) #14

Here we go... batman!

Batman : The Animated series intro scene. by CGHow on Sketchfab