World of Tanks Diorama - Small Scale Carnage

(Quin) #1

Got started on this late, and not naturally given to building full scenes, but figured even if it's not done in time it'll be worth it to try something new. My usual work is game assets, so I'm sort of stepping out of my usual comfort zone... and I've never done a contest either. Hooray for new experiences!

Not sharing all the details of what I'm up to (If it works, I want it to be a surprise), but you can get a sense of my direction from this planning shot.

(Bart) #2

You're building up some suspense smile Just a few days left, good luck!

(Quin) #3

Another fast image update... since I'm up against the wall timewise, I figured it was better to go simple, and stylish. The tanks aren't going to be perfectly accurate, but they're close enough for my purposes and I HOPE easy to identify. Need to do the terrain, and then textures. My biggest bugaboo. But I think the design I've got here will at least pan out to be cool even if it falls short of my hopes.

(Bart) #4

Looking forward to seeing the Sketchfab models smile

(Quin) #5

Me too! I'm usually just the builder, so this is turning into a crash course in materials, and uploading them properly into sketchfab. The builds are done though and I'm very excited with how it's all shaping up. Even with a few snags. Will upload some more images tomorrow before the Big Reveal via sketchfab.

(Quin) #6

All done! Had a few issues, learned a few lessons, did more texturing than I've ever done and learned a LOT of how NOT to do it (Like the time it takes to bake blender cycles materials, which forced me to go with another texture method in the zero hour) but heck. It's done.

WoT2015 Diorama - Small Scale Carnage by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

I might take the cycles version and render it later... or heck, when I have the time to, put up an updated version of this with the proper rendering tooks. For now though? I'm calling 'er done.

(Bart) #7

I've fixed your embed link smile

(Quin) #8

(Late reply I know, real work) Thank you. I'm always terrible at the technical side of this stuff.