World of Tanks WIP by Aziu

(Aziu Cg) #1

Hello everybody, I noticed the diorama contest today, a bit late but I hope that I'll make it.
I created my tank some time ago and that's the perfect time to use it:).
Here is my early sketch:

And here is my A1M2 model:

Good luck everyone:)

(Maxypants2010) #2

You should contact @wargaming. See if modern tanks are allowed. WoT is based mainly on WW2

(Aziu Cg) #3

There is sentence in description:"Your diorama doesn’t need to be in the style of WoT." so I assume that it is, but ok I sent a message to @wargamingsmile

(Wargaming) #4

@AziuCG: You can use a modern tank, if you like. Yes, World of Tanks has mainly tanks of the WWII era, and yes, ideally the diorama has a obvious connection to our game. But ultimately this contest is open to all creative ideas related to World of Tanks (even if its the future of tanks :)). We wouldn't want to stop someone from creating a nice diorama over a small technicality.

Maybe there is a way for you to connect your diorama in a obvious way to World of Tanks?

(Aziu Cg) #5

Yes there is a way to connect out to WoT because I'm trying to recreate a tank battle from operation Sand Storm where US forces swiped Iraqi's forces equipped whit T-72. What do you think about that?

(Aziu Cg) #6

Hey, a small update for my diorama:

I hope that I'll finish it in time, let me know what do you think:).

(Bart) #7

Very nice - is that a dust storm rolling in? Can't wait to see your Sketchfab embeds!

(Aziu Cg) #8

Thanks bartv:). It was suppose to be a smoke, but as you mentioned it a desert storm is better idea. I think that done properly it would be more epic:). thanks for idea:)

(Bart) #9

Awesome, glad to be of help smile

(Aziu Cg) #10

OK, another update:

I'll need help with the desert storm, does anyone know what how to make it look more like a storm? Because now it looks more like rocks ore something.

(Bart) #11

I think it needs more transparency. Maybe also add a few transparent 'shells' around it to simulate increasing dust density?

Come to think of it, maybe also some hint of motion. Maybe you can use those shells to suggest motion blur?

(Update) #12

This Dust looks like one big Rock smile

(Aziu Cg) #13

So here is my final result:

WoT2015 by Aziucg on Sketchfab

unfortunately I ran out of time.

(Bart) #14

I fixed your embed link smile