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World of Tanks - WIP - Will

(Thepinkpanda) #1

So I am one of those lucky people that happen to live in a town that has an ANZAC memorial, that recently (like 4 or 5 months ago) got a new tank installed within the town. I am still in early stages of research and haven't even played World of Tanks yet.

Although as it was a nice overcast day I thought I would take the opportunity to go out and take some photos of these two tanks.

I am looking into real tanks but I aim to take a non-realistic approach to my WoT diorama. The research I am doing is to just understand how a tank works and what it looks like up close.


This is where I am at right now, currently finished the first low poly tank! Yet to texture it but slowly getting there

I will probably also try to reduce the tri count too.


To be continued...