World of warcraft: Legion Contest inquiry

(David3220) #1

Hello, I'm looking some final entrys but when I use the tag #wow or #wowlegion-contest it only shows the popular ones, and not all of them, hope this is not a problem for all the people that make an awesome job and put a lot of effort making their project, hope that this contest is not for just the popular models that the tag shows :cry:

(Robin Dao) #2

(Paglover) #3

in case you can't find it

(Chris Kam) #4

I can't see my own entry on the #wowlegion-final tag, only show me the popular models :confused:

(Admrodrigotm) #5

The same here.

(David3220) #6

Thanks robindao, that's the tag, but it only shows the popular entrys, not all entrys with the tag :cold_sweat:

(Robin Dao) #7

Hmm I didn't know searching by the tag did not show all entries

(Bart) #8

We currently have a bug in the tag galleries; the 'load more' button does not properly load the next entries. For now, you can access all WoW-Final entries using the following links:

(Bart) #9

Closing this thread; you can continue discussing here:

(Bart) #10