WoT Contest : first pictures

(Xtof3d) #1

Hello everyone
Here are the first pictures of the diorama modeling.
A Base loosely based on the new map Overlord.
My idea would be to show several aspects of the game but not necessarily with the same realism and also to test the many options of Sketchfab.
And now textures and painting ...
See you later

(Mauricesvay) #2

Interesting terrain smile Can't wait to see the final model!

(Bart) #3

Nice start @xtof3d! Which 3D app are you using?

@wargaming did you see this one?

(Xtof3d) #4

Thanks smile
I'm using Blender

(Bart) #5

Great, I'll keep an extra-close eye on it then wink

(Wargaming) #6

Of course I have seen it! Overlord is visually one of my favorite maps, so its quite exciting to see what @xtof3d will come up with!

(Xtof3d) #7

Some other pictures, with colors and textures.
I'm pretty eager to import it in Sketchfab to see how is the rendering.

And now the tanks... smile

(Rober Digiorge) #8

Pretty nice work...you're doing a great job here! scream

(Xtof3d) #9

Back again after few days, i'm working on the tanks
For my diorama, i need 5 types of tanks from the 5 (principal) nations in WoT
Here are the 3 first

Fv 207 by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

E100 by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

Amx1390 by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

And now the TD and the Medium... smile

(Xtof3d) #10

As a good TD, he's hidden smile
But here's the Medium

Sherman by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

(Xtof3d) #11

Here's a first test for the diorama

Test by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

Next time i will post a message, i hope it will be for the complete scene smile

(Maxypants2010) #12

i just have a suggestion. the barbed wire on the ramp could use a bit more variation. idk. Too good though. Stop making me jealous boohoo

(Bart) #13

That's starting to look really good. Love the Gold Ammo too wink

(Xtof3d) #14

Thanks @bartv, thanks @maxypants2010 and see below why i didn't put barbed wire on the ramp.

Poor Medium Tank by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

This is my final version
Cheers wink