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WOT diorama contest Entry

(Blldesign) #1

Hi Everyone,

This is the my entry for WOT diorama contest

I just draw that 2 scenes for diorama. Used to 3ds Max.

Hope u like it.



(Bart) #2

Very nice! What are your plans for this scene? Can't wait to see it here on Sketchfab.

(Blldesign) #3

Plan ? There is no plan? smile
Contest rules says > We’re challenging you to create a diorama that represents an interesting moment in this game.

i just design 2 moment in game.

Do i need to use sketchfab for contest?

Btw, my3ds file size150mb your site says maximum file size 50mb.

How can i load my 3ds file.


(Bart) #4

Well of course, this is a Sketchfab contest after all smile

Some tricks you can use to reduce file size:

(Blldesign) #5

Behind the scenes..

(Blldesign) #6

You can see my 3d scene in sketchfab. smile

WOT Contest
by blldesign
on Sketchfab

(Blldesign) #7

Btw, mapping is really hard in sketchfab.
Why u dont make it easier?
I would like to put my scene with maps..if u change the system, will be more useful..