WoT Diorama Contest - TOG takes children to school!

(Gromelon) #1

Hey everyone !

I'm going to try to do something cool for the WoT contest. My idea is to make a fun scene about the classic joke on the fabulous TOG II.
I have a lot of work to do this month, so I hope I will have time to finish !
I'll share my progress here.

Today I started by working on the TOG itself :

(Gromelon) #2

I need to add the tracks and some details on the head and my TOG model will be done.

(Gromelon) #3

My TOG model is now over ! Time to make the main scene smile

(Rober Digiorge) #4

Nice! I like it...I love the TOG! blush

(Gromelon) #5

Thank you @roberdigiorge ! Your B1 diorama is awesome wink

I have found some little time to do my bus shelter.

My scene objects are nearly over, time to do the textures, and I'm bad at it smile

(Maxypants2010) #6

I have a suggestion. For the kids have the faces of that pro WoT team Schoolbus or something like that.

just suggestion. What do you think @wargaming?

(Bart) #7

Hey @Gromelon, can't wait to see the entire scene. Dont' forget to use Sketchfab embeds to share it wink

(Gromelon) #8

Hey @bartv ! Thanks for your message, it motivate me to finish my work smile

3,5 days left ! and I have, finally, some time for myself, I can do it !!!

Here is a little teaser of what I plan to do

(Gromelon) #9

I did it !!

I'm now working on uploading it on Sketchfab without loosing any texture wink

(Gromelon) #10

And here is my final entry to the contest... right in time smile

TOG II diorama by Gromelon on Sketchfab

(Claudio Coutinho) #11

Nicely done. I looks like some of textures are not mapping right. But it's probably an easy fix.

What software are you using?

(Gromelon) #12

Thanks smile

I'm using Cinema 4D.

(Bart) #13

Are you using our C4D exporter?

(Gromelon) #14

For this project, no. It had some problems with some textures, so I exported my project in fbx format, and then I fixed the transparency and the reflexion using the 3D settings of sketchfab.

I already used the exporter on other simple objects, and it worked well