WOT diorama progress

(4throckrn) #1

Great idea to have a WOT diorama contest!

Working on a Tiger I model for it smiley The basic shape is there, now time to add some details.
Looking forward to have it completed and get started with scenery.

(4throckrn) #2

Adding extra detail to the model!
Just need to detail some parts a bit more, then textures and normal maps will do the rest. wink

(4throckrn) #3

Final geometry detailing, added some ropes just because the look cool!
NOW I can start to texture it smile

(Rober Digiorge) #4

Nice Tiger!!! although I like the Panthers... yum

(4throckrn) #5

Ok, tank is done. Some details are missing, but it's good enough for my needs.
Now to create an interesting scene...

(4throckrn) #6

Here's the final diorama entry. Tried to capture some of the game's atmosphere by adding some terrain and obstacles. So you can imagine that the Tiger I peeking over the small sand dune. Hope you like it!

World of Tanks diorama by Ricardo Nunes on Sketchfab

(Claudio Coutinho) #7

I like the small details that you have on the tank, like the cables. Nice job overall.