WoT2015 diorama contest: A Last Battle for Berlin

(Hohenberg) #1

Hello !
I present the evolution of my new project: the wot diorama contest
Modeled with 3DS max 2014
So here are the screen's ! smile
Here Is my inspiration, a ruined Berlin with a tank battle

Let's start by the tiger 1:

DAY-1 Hull desgin

DAY-2 Motor and exhaust pipe

DAY-3 Wheels

DAY-4 Tracks and Hull details

DAY-5 Last Hull details (its pretty important wink )

DAY-6 Turret modelling

Texturring the tiger I will post his Diorama as soon as possible smile

Next post will be the other tanks & starting to build up the terrain smile
I'm Comming right back !

(Hohenberg) #2

Tiger 1 WoT Diorama Contest [WORK IN PROGRESS] by Hohenberg on Sketchfab

(Rober Digiorge) #3

Great Work!!! I prefer the Panthers, but the Tiger is my second German tank favorite... wink

(Hohenberg) #4

Thanks ! By the way, congratulation, your B-1 is just wonderful ! smile

(Hohenberg) #5

Panther...why not wink

I just finished the M5A1 here is he smile

M5A1 Wot Diorama Contest [Work In Progress] by Hohenberg on Sketchfab