WoT2015 (World of Tanks Diorama)

(Update) #1

I would like to show you my work on Diorama
I Hope that will be it Jadpanther in the Mountains.
Probably it will be not the same style of the game but i hope you will like it ...
See you soon smile

(Update) #2

I working on Jagdpanther now it's my small progress

(Update) #3

On this moment he looks that

J Panther by Konrad W. on Sketchfab

I have problem with my internet browsers and i can't change model settings here :/

(Maxypants2010) #4

You seem pretty lonely here. I will be the first to say Good Job. The Jpanther looks pretty sweet, Working on texturing now?

(Update) #5

Yes, but i have problem with this because i have old 3DS Max 2009 and verly low pc. My PC is lagging when i trying something. So it will be hard smile

(Update) #6

My other tank is ready smiley My Best

(Bart) #8

Nice work! I fixed your Sketchfab model embed in the post near the top. Don't copy the iframe code, just put the link to your Sketchfab model in your message. That's all smile

(Update) #9

Rendered with 2 renderers.

I had many problems with my PC, so i did something like that. I hope it looks pretty good?

(Maxypants2010) #10

oh that match making though. tier 1s against a jpanther!

(Update) #11

1st tier in platoon with VII or VIII tier smile

(Update) #12


WoT2015 by Konrad W. on Sketchfab

My finished Diorama. ( Too Low PC to making more ) And Sorry for small size but My Pc is very
low and not supporting Webgl to editing 3d settings frowning