Would like to pay someone to help me learn SketchUp / Blender

:wave::grinning: Hi everyone,

I an a newbie and would love to hire someone to help me better learn SketchUp and Blender. Are there any members of this community here who I could potentially pay to help me ?

I am building an online community with about 2k members and want to create a nice big 3D VR building for our members to hang out in VR in the future. Here is what I have so far as a very early first version. The Studio v.01 - Download Free 3D model by DaveCraige (@DaveCraige) - Sketchfab

If you would like to help feel free to comment below with a a link to some of your work or send me a DM. Would love to check it out and go from there. Thanks so much! :pray:

I don’t know about SketchUp, but you can find professional and certified trainers for Blender on the Blender Network.

Oh nice. That looks like an informative site.

Is there any easy way to see what their hourly rates are? Would love to just jump in and get a bit of help on some basic things. (I don’t need to do a huge architecture project or anything right now, just wanted to get some small things improved.)

From the looks of it, no, but there’s contact information on the ‘view profile’ tab.

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