Yargh - Pirates and Sea Captains

(Hushkal) #1

Hi all

I am planning on doing a set of 6 characters that are all within the theme of Pirates and Explorers.

They will be mirrored characters. By that I mean ill make a pirate captain and a sea captain, A pirate rigging runner and Ship rigging runner.

Ill post updates here, before eventually the assets go live on my store. Feel free to chip in with feedback or suggestions for the characters. If it proves popular I would expand the set as Pirates are fun to make… I could even do Ghost versions! :slight_smile:

(Hushkal) #2

Latest progress, this one was intended to be the Pirate captain but organically turned into a good guy, so is the Sea Captain… The villainous Pirate Captain will be next after this is finished.

Just need to finish up his hair and make his weapons before retop.

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Off to a great start!

(Hushkal) #4

Thanks Paul

Small update, relatively happy with this, some area I still need to tweak, for example not happy with the moustache.

Will likely move onto retop though for a change of pace, aiming for 10-15k I think… or at least under 20k. Perhaps people here have thoughts on preferential poly count ranges?

(Frank0) #5

Great!! Thanks for sharing…

(Nomadking) #6

Looks great - I prefer him without the hat :slight_smile:

(Hushkal) #7

me too nomad, that will be an option extra accessory. I was going to give a peg leg as an option extra too, but it does really cleanly fit with the boot/leg without rework, so I’ll try to plan that into the pirate variant :slight_smile:

(Hushkal) #8

busy week but got some retop done. Roughly on target, need to take some off the face and add it to the collar area, but I plan to have the face slightly heavier anyway. With so much layered clothing im Being super careful matching edgeloops.

(Hushkal) #9

No longer on target , but life been busy and my wife took me away for my birthday -shakes fist-


got to work this evening, Retop getting close, pistol, hat and inner mouth left.

threw a quick auto uv on to test, mesh holding sculpt detail well :slight_smile:

(Hushkal) #10

Sorry for the long silence, been working away on this though when I’ve had free moments, and its now done! :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy him :slight_smile:

he can be found here
Sea Captain SketchFab