Yellow circle teleportation not working

(Laxfire) #1

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with my gear VR samsung using a samsung S7 edge. I used to be able to teleport using the yellow circle and taping on gear vr but i can't anymore. I can just look around on the model but can't do anything else (move, zoom, teleport).

Also, i can't teleport on any model from sketchfab wesite, so the problem isn't my model.

Thanks for your help.

Edit : I enabled webvr using the link internet://webvr-enable.

(Mazharmail) #2

I have the same issue IAXFIRE :frowning:
I am surprised as to why such an important bug not fixed in Sketchfab yet or a reply to this post

I hope Sketchfab address this issue soon