Yet another evil toy - cute to evil Changer [finished]

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #1

Mad scientist finally created his evil machine. He hates everything what's good and cute and so he want's to destroy thet and change into evil monster army to take over the world.
Right now, when the Evil competition has begun, he is determined to do a first test.
He took a cutest bunny that he found in a pet shop (he didn't pay - he's evil) to do his crazy experiments.

What will happen to him?

I'm planing to create three characters - bunny, scientist and monsterus bunny and the part of the lab and animate everything a bit. Hope I will manage to do everything as planned.
Right now a bunny wip and lab doodle. I will post skechfab version when I will retopo and uv thee model.
Only ZBrush right now, Blender will be used for animation.

(Bart) #2

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(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #3

Ok, here goes first bunny test - things need to be fixed :wink:

Bunny test 1 by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #4

Testing with rigging and shaping.
The shapekeys worked fine for the head, but the eyelids lost their shapes. - Cany any of blender users help me to figure this out?

I use bledner and export it to fbx.

Bunny pose I by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

sorry for teh lack of uv's. I didn't export it from ZBrush with this one.

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #5

I've changed a concept a little bit - there won't be a maschine, only a pistol. I need to do one or two characters (transformed bunny and scientist) and animate everyting.

Everyting depends on time.

Here's a gun that will eventually do something bad to the bunny.

Evil space gun by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #6

I couldn't find the time, but somehow I've made the scientist. Hi poly scrren for now.

He's cold and evil.

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #7

Characters and rigging mostly done. Now for the background..

Character test by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

(Bart) #8


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

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Good luck!!

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #9

Thanks, I will try to finish it :wink:
Here's Bunny shock animation test. Done in blender, native blender file export with keys and shapes.

Bunny shock test by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #10

Here's the final scene I'm working on..

Animation test by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

(MichaƂ Orzechowski) #11

I call it finished.

Here are final animations before I will upload the whole scene.
All made with ZBrush (sculpting, texturing, uv's) Blender (animation, uv's) and Krita (ray texture).

I had to take many shortcuts to finish it on time and there are things I could made better like proper topology. The scientist is just decimated mesh.
Well, it had to be a ver very side project of mine but at the same time it was so funny experience because last time I used blender for animation was like 8-10 years ago :wink: It was good to use this software again.

Animation done with simple rigs and blend shapes.
Exported directly from Blender with addon.

I will tell the story with a last, final post. Also I will make it downloadable for you to examine if you find it interesting.

Final bunny animation by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

Scientist final by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab

I wish good luck to everyone!

Here's the final entry, available for download:

Cute to evil Changer by MichaƂ Orzechowski on Sketchfab